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How to support your child in school

When my son brought his school test paper  last term with the alphabet facing the opposite direct

Inspite of a stormy relationship, marriage has worked out

I was 19 years old when I met my husband Bob. I was in high school.

Seven parenting lessons from the movie, the queen of Katwe.

The queen of Katwe is a Disney film based on a real life story of PhionaMuteeesi, a Ugandan girl

The Warrior husband.

Recently a friend sent me a message about a warrior wife. Then someone asked if there is anything about a warrior husband. I decided to write my version of a warrior husband...

Twelve business success lessons I learned...

Here are the twelve business success  lessons  I learned  from  Mrs.Karugaba  of Nina Interiors i

My 1kg Baby Blossomed on Breastmilk

When I had my first baby at seven months due to high blood pressure, I wondered how I would cope. 

Mama Tendo's number one habit of successful parents

 My  number one  habit of  successful parents is, making parenting priority amidist competing priorities.

Managing diabetes

I come from a family with a history of diabetes.  A number of people from my family have suffered from diabetes.